Swimming for Aphrodite


Aphrodite's Birthplace
Aphrodite’s Birthplace

Dear Friends and Followers,

You’ve seen the picture, now go to the real story at  Swimming for Aphrodite

All comments graciously received.





6 thoughts on “Swimming for Aphrodite

  1. I sent an email to Kirk yesterday and received this reply. V xx

    Begin forwarded message:

    > From: Kirk Alexander > Subject: RE: Scottish dialogue > Date: 19 January 2016 2:57:50 PM AEDT > To: Victor Kazan > > Victor………Helloooooo. > It just so happens I’m working very closely with a Scottish Gentleman who is composing some music for me and we are also doing Peter and the Wolf together……he piano, me Narrator. Great fun. Were doing a performance on Thurs and Friday at Beleura House in Mornington and we’re rehearsing tomorrow. George is from Gallasheils and has the most catching (for me) accent…….it’s delightful. I shall be listening to him and emulating his cadences with relish over the next few days. > > I have downloaded the script but have not read it yet as I must go somewhere now. But tonight before I say my prayers and have my last tinkle, I shall take a look at it. Sounds exciting. > > Speak soon……Kirk > > From: kazan1@iprimus.com.au > Subject: Scottish dialogue

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