Madrid is really an appendix as I had decided to use my 2 nights here to rest before the long flight home. It is a very grand city indeed with huge boulevards and I’m not altogether sure that it does not surpass London for grandeur of planning and architecture and the location of my hotel was right amongst the museums and galleries.

I was very lucky to even get into the Dali 40 year retrospective across the road and even happier to learn that it was for free. I never did quite work out why. It was sensational, with many of his well known works included plus some cinema which I really enjoyed. Although it was somewhat rushed, which I suppose is why we were let in for free at 7pm and had to be out by 9 … what a thrill to see Dali in Madrid.

Next I took a walk in the Botanic Gardens which was such a respite from the heat of the day. They are very formal gardens with short box hedging, a ginger cat, and a wonderful veggie garden and then I crashed. What no theatre? you are asking. Uh, uh, it’s summer and theatre is either on holidays or in the provinces. However on the next day, as I was walking to Sol, I passed the Teatro Alcazar and there was a billboard advertising two Rafael Alvarez programmes. The man is a classic of actor /manager, writer/adapter and good on him. Clearly he has found a niche and is giving the public some wonderful experiences of classic texts.

Please enjoy the photos of a very limited account of Madrid. In reality, Madrid has an exceedingly rich tradition of theatre which I hope you’ll explore with me next time.


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