This has been a thrilling journey and has delivered more in the way of cultural richness than I ever imagined. Quite apart from the truly wonderful theatrical experiences, it has been the sense of place that has so anchored everything I have seen. Medea at Epidaurus in Greece is a stand out as are the Irina Brook Island Trilogy and Bob Wilson’s The Old Woman in Spoleto. Irina Brook couldn’t believe it when I told her I’d come from Australia to see her work.

And then there was Almagro which was a significantly different cultural aesthetic from Spoleto, offering gorgeous Golden Age plays with the distinct advantage of meeting Vincente Fuentes who ‘just loves language.’ I too have discovered a penchant for language and whether that be English, Greek, Italian or Spanish or French etc, so much is to be gleaned from the original language text which imbeds the societal and historical context of place.

Of course in many instances the language is high or old, or Baroque, as is the case with the Spanish Golden Age, which offers yet another layer to the exploration, and why Vincente Fuentes is such an expert in the field. It’s much the same as our specialist Shakespeare coaches.

While theatre has been the driving force behind this trip, you will have gleaned that it has gone hand in glove with other cultural aspects of place – food, history, religious practices, dance, music, art, amazing landscape and of course, shopping.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me, I’ve been grateful for your company and I really loved getting your comments. Next year I’m planning to offer a similar tour through All The World’s A Stage Theatre Tours. Perhaps you may care to really join me?

Thank you, too, to Pan Australian Travel who put the itinerary together so marvellously and for choosing such comfortable, diverse, enjoyable, and well located accommodation.

In the meantime, I’m going to work on my languages and continue to explore the international canon of world theatre.

Please feel free to contact me re tours at

Sincerely yours,

P.S. I’ve just added some random shots that I didn’t have space for on the blog. I particularly like the landscapes, stations (some of which are taken from the train) and other oddities. The cup of coffee and glass of ice is an example of lost in translation for iced coffee:)


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