I’ve been a performer for as long as I can remember. Not out of willfulness but because I had a grandmother who who taught me little songs at her piano and a mother who sent me off to elocution at a time when no-one else did that sort of thing.  It was just a regular part of my life that I totally took for granted and which developed into a career. So thanks Nan and thanks Dod and thanks Christopher Robin and Policeman Jones with the great big feet…

Now, all these years on, I’ve unified the diversity of my talents under the title of Theatremaker. Even though I’ve made films and been in television, theatre really is my first love and I hope, like Moliere, I also die still doing it!  My greatest excitement this year is that in July I am going to Hydra, Greece, to Play to the Gods in Euripides’ Trojan Women. My passion is Greek theatre and while I’ve seen much of it and written a great deal about it, this will be my first foray onto the orchestra. I’m sure I’ll be compelled to drop the odd blog post about it.


There’s Absolutely Nothing Like A Dame or Sing ‘Em Muck  (from an idea by Kirk Alexander). Beleura House and Garden, Mornington and Como Historic House (September 2017)  (Archive March 2017)


The Magic Pudding – Beleura House and Garden, Mornington



Quilting the Armour – the story of the Kelly Women. with Rosemary Johns and Jeanie Haughton.


In development: Austen – a musical play by Rob Winlow.

The Last Women Triangle Theatre Company, Coventry U.K.


An Irishman and a Jew Go Into a Pub – Bloomsday In Melbourne

Yes, Yes, Yes! – Bloomsday In Melbourne

Carnivale of Vice – Bloomsday in Melbourne

Wilde About Joyce – Bloomsday in Melbourne

The Servant of the Revolution by Anitra Nelson


The Tragedy of Lucrece by Enzo Condello

Tango Femme by Merrilee Moss

Black Eyed Susan by Judy Doubas, Short and Sweet, Arts Centre, Melbourne


Brave New World & Dubbleinit Roaratorio, Bloomsday in Melbourne

The Knitting Circle, by Susan Pelligrino Short and Sweet, Arts Centre, Melbourne


Joyce’s Fall into Language, Bloomsday in Melbourne

Embalming the Dead Entertainer by Michael Conrick,

Dramaturg/Assist DirectorThe Bottomless Lolly Jar – Fairy Trina Productions

Dramaturg/ActorThe Master Builder by Henrik Ibsen

Actor – Full biography and representation available through Melissa Rose Management