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Day 16 Toledo

image Still in La Mancha, Toledo is yet another unique world. And that’s what I love about Spain, each town and region has its own unique identity. Toledo celebrates not only the unification of three cultures, Arab, Christian and Jewish, but of course El Greco, and for me, the Teatro Rojas, the Red Theatre.

Set high on a hill with splendid moorish architecture, a city of small winding streets and seemingly a million visitors, especially in this celebration year of El Greco.image His work is scattered in a variety of locations and with the El Greco map in hand, you negotiate the labyrinpth of callas and vias and plazas ever hopeful that you’ll arrive in the right place soon. This must have been the hottest day of the summer heat wave and escaping into the odd church or museum was doubly useful.

imageThis Casa is a reproduction of El Greco’s house and gives an idea of Toledo architecture and El Greco’s world. It has great charm and serenity.
The Theatre Rojas, named after the Toledo playwright, Francisco de Rojas is an example of the continuing tradition of theatre in this city. imageBuilt in 1879 on the original site of a 15th century traditional Corral des Comedias, it has it’s own imposing presence just behind the cathedral.
Sadly for me it was closed, but I was just happy to be able to make the link.

Please enjoy the rest of the photos if this fascinating city.  Next stop, Barcelona.